Servicepunkt Handlar'n Rötviken

You will find almost everything you need in our shop. We have food, fuel, craft, seasonal products, etc. In the shop you will also find our internet café with free wi-fi, where you can buy a cup of coffee and maybe something freshly baked or as we say have a "Fika".

We are pharmacy representatives and liquor agents and we got fishing licenses for sale for our popular fishing grounds.
If you run the electric car, take the opportunity to recharge the car in our charging station, the last before the border.

Are you visiting and wish you had the bike with you? No problem, we have a couple of bikes that we like to rent out!

Come visit us!

Rent a 6 bed apartment, fully equipped in the middle of Ansättfjällen.

Close to fishing, mountains and hiking. Summer or winter it doesn´t matter, you '´ll always find something that suits you.

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Servicepunkt Handlarn +46 645 770900


We are members of Föreningen Ansättfjällen


Servicepunkt Handlar'n
Rötviken 204
Tel: +46 645770900

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You will find Servicepunkt Handlar'n in the middle of Rötviken village along the "Fishing Road" / Highway 340 in Ansättfjällen.



Welcome to visit us!