Skärvångens Bymejeri

Skärvången is a small village, close to the mountains in northwest Jämtland, where our three farming families, the Olssons, the Magnussons and the Norrmans and our employees have been running Skärvångens Jordbruk och Bymejeri (farm and village dairy) since 1999. We specialise in the production of dessert cheeses made of milk from the village cows and goats.

Welcome to the cheese shop, where you’ll find cheeses that you won’t see in an ordinary shop. Along with about 25 types of cheese the shop sells home baked flatbread, both hard and soft, artisan food products from Jämtländ and other craft products from the community.

The cheese buffet is spread out in our conservatory every day from midsummer till the end of the summer. This gives you the opportunity to try all of our cheeses. Coffee, tea, juice and soft flatbread are included. You can also feast on our freshly made ices, made from our own eggs and milk

We also run a guided tour of the dairy, every day at 13.00, over the same period. The visit is completely free!

We offer the following services

Dairy visits
Student visits.


Ansättfjällen area is large with plenty of varied nature. A map is a perfect beginning of your stay in Ansättfjällen.
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Skärvångens Bymejeri
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