Take the whole family on a magnificent snowmobile tour on the mountain!

It’s easy to get out into the countryside with a snowmobile. Try your luck at fishing on the frozen lakes of the reindeer grazing country or dig a sun trap and enjoy a coffee and sandwich. If you stomach wants more, you can go on to some eatery. There are plenty of prepared trails to go on.

Our mountain region, with Ansättfjällen as the central point, is a nationally renowned snowmobile paradise for both individual riders and families. Rent a snowmobile and drive yourself, or go on a guided snowmobile safari. When you drive on your own, it’s obviously your responsibility to follow the rules and regulations. Then we can all have a wonderful time in the snowmobile ”Mecca”.


Why not take a nice, reasonably long tour, from Åkersjön, follow the paths via Föllinge and Laxviken to Almdalen, where you can stay overnight if you book in advance. Then on via Rötviken and Rörvattnet back to Åkersjön. For more info, contact the Tourist office >>