Hunting trips on traditional grounds

Imagine that you are hiking or skiing through the forest, up towards the mountain. You can expect to see hares, woodland and mountain birds, bears, elk, lynx and wolverine. Endangered otters threatened with extinction still live here and we have plenty of beavers. Many rare birds of prey nest in our region.

The hunting tradition is very strong here. The abundant supply of game makes hunting both exhilarating and rewarding. And it doesn’t stop there - part of the enjoyment comes from cooking the excellent meat and inviting family and friends to a celebratory meal. If you want to go hunting there are many exciting alternatives to choose between. You can book an unforgettable hunting experience in a full package for yourself and your friends from our trip organisers or you can purchase a hunting license and go out on your own.


We are happy to assist you in booking your huntingtrip at Krokom Tourist Office. To find out more contact the Tourist office >>