The Ansättfjällen portal gives a presentation of businesses in the area. It enables you to see what is currently in season and to get inspiration for your trip to the mountains. Welcome to our menu buttons and links!


We’ve got something for all occasions. In winter we can offer fantastic skiing on slalom slopes, cross-country skiing on prepared ski trails or why not try a ski tour up on the mountain. There are lots of great snowmobile trails for those of you who have your own snowmobile or want to hire one locally. Early spring beckons with sunny days on the mountain in freshly dug snow caves or perhaps on a reindeer rug spread out on the ice waiting for the char to bite.

Summer invites to you experience the splendours of nature, with flower trails, fishing, visits to summer farmsteads and goat’s cheese producers. In the autumn, when the colours are at their most spectacular there is mushroom picking and hunting. You decide what you want to do – visit our sites and be inspired!
Welcome to Ansättfjällen – The pearl of Jämtland


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