Hotagens Kurs och konferensgård

We offer various types of massages and body treatments, for example, clay, algae or chocolate, facial treatments of various kinds. A popular form of treatment is our popular spa.
We also have other treatments such as reflexology, ortho bio economy.

Inside we have a sauna, steam shower and Jacuzzi
Outside there is a hot tub and sauna.

Marita and Örjan wishes you welcome

Contact us

Hotagens Kurs & Konferensgård
Hotagen 123
830 60 Föllinge
Tel: 0645-31056
Fax: 0645-31056
Mobil: 0705301360 /0702856633

Getting here

To get to Hotagen follow the road 340, about 120 km NW of Östersund. The road is asphalted all the way, and remember to bring your camera, many beautiful views are offered on the journey.