Björnruns Fjällservice

Give yourself a fantastic mountain adventure. We have cabins to hire in Bakvattnet, a magnificent and versatile natural environment... Because you’re worth it!

Go fishing in Bakvattnet Lake or go for a hike in the mountains. Explore our neighbourhood or just relax and gather strength!

Björnruns Fjällservice is located in Bakvattnet which is 110 km northwest from Östersund. We would like you to have a great time during your vacation in our area so please feel free to mail us if you got questions about renting a cabin. Welcome to visit Ansättfjällen!

We offer the following services

Cabin hire

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We are members of Föreningen Ansättfjällen


Ansättfjällen area is large with plenty of varied nature. A map is a perfect beginning of your stay in Ansättfjällen.
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Contact us

Björnruns Fjällservice
Bakvattnet 228
830 60 Föllinge
Tel. 0645-350 00
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