Wångens Inn

The Wången Equestrian (Harness Racing) Centre and Inn offers a variety of accommodation. You can choose between double or single rooms, with or without WC and shower.
You might like to stay in “Förvaltaren” the Steward, which has been carefully restored in a romantic, old-fashioned style, in rooms with classic fin-de-siècle décor. All rooms have their own shower and WC and TV.
If you prefer self-catering, we can also offer cottage accommodation. All our cottages have a well equipped kitchen, as well as shower and WC.

Wången is in a beautiful location in the lovely Alsen region. We are right in the middle of Sweden in the municipality of Krokom in Western Jämtland. From Wången it is more or less the same distance to Östersund as to Åre, about 50 km.

You can fly to Wången, or why not take the night train from one of the stations around the country. We can easily arrange affordable transfers to and from your station/airport of arrival. It only takes 45 minutes from Östersund to Wången. This means you can get here from Stockholm in less than 2 hours.

We offer the following services

Relaxation department and sauna
Pony riding

Contact us

Travskolan Wången
830 44 Nälden
Tel. 0640-174 00
Fax. 0640-431 42

How to find us

The Wången Inn is in Alsen. Go to map >>