The Myhrbodarna summer farmstead is just under 5 km north east of Valsjöbyn, about 655 m above sea level, on Nordrun’s southern slopes. Its view extends for miles right over the Norwegian mountains.

Myhrbodarna has been classified as a site of national importance. The Buvallen pasture has been classified in category 1 as it is home to many species that are typical of natural forage land. Records report “a rich flora uncontaminated by fertilisers… a habitat for orchids, such as the twayblade orchid, frog orchid and coral root orchid".
The Buvallen pasture has retained its original character and has been in the family for generations. All the buildings are well preserved and give a very good idea of what a summer farmstead would have looked like in this region at the turn of the century. The summer pastured is worked up to October. Milk from the cows and goats is processed into cream, cheese and fermented milk at the summer farmstead. And of course you can sample all the products when you visit.

Private individuals, school groups, companies, pensioners’ clubs, family gatherings etc. are all welcome
We accept group bookings, for groups of 20 people or more we would appreciate booking at least one week in advance. Your visit can be tailor-made to your requirements.

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Myhrbodarna is located on the road between Valsjöbyn and Vinklumpen.
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