Handicrafts and local products

Local culinary traditions are strong in this area. The best known of all the producers is probably Skärvångens Bymejeri with its cheeses. But there are many other producers of fine food products such as bread, herbal drinks and other delicacies. Creativity is thriving within the craft industry - visit carpenters, potters, weavers and textile producers.

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Marias Keramik

Hovsgården, Alsen
Maria Ericsson is a potter who makes animal figure souvenirs, such as moose, grouse and cows as well as larger sculptures. Stoneware jewellery in the shape of animals. You are most welcome to visit.
  • 2018-01-01 – 2020-12-31   Please call in advance
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Skärvångens Bymejeri

Guided tours / Food experience / Farm shops / Second hand
Sample the delicious cheese made in harmony with nature. Gastronomists worldwide praise the products from the little village dairy in Ska¨rva°ngen. The dairy is located in Ska¨rva°ngen, a village clearly affected by the dairy’s activities. The grazing cows and goats keep the whole landscape around the village open. Their milk is then made into top- quality cheese. These cheeses are perhaps the finest example of Ja¨mtland ‘slow food’, made in harmony with nature. The dairy has tours at 13.00 every day in summer. You’ll also be able to taste the dairy’s 25 types of cheese laid out on a delectable buffet in the dairy’s outdoor cafe´. You should also visit So¨rbodarna, a summer pasture for the milk providers between Ha¨ggsjo¨vik and Bakvattnet. It’s a perfect excur- sion for families with children. Here you can also enjoy delightful coffees and snacks.
  • 2018-08-20 – 2019-06-22  

Svensk Fjällröding

Landön, Landön
Fishing / Farm shops / Other stores
The farm shop that sells fresh, smoked or pickled char.
  • 2017-01-01 – 2019-12-31  

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Buildings / Historical / Handicrafts/Woodworking
An unusual homestead museum built around 1800. There are six buildings that stand at the same place where they were built since 1850. The homestead association have restored everything. During the summer they have a café and different kinds of handicrafts. You could also rent one of the houses at Backgården if you want to have a conference, shorter courses or meetings. .
  • 2018-01-01 – 2019-12-31  


Hotagen / Valsjöbyn
Handicrafts/Woodworking / Camping
Handicrafts and souvenir. Restaurant with meals or why not just some coffee. You could even rent a room or a trailer parking.
  • 2017-01-01 – 2019-12-31   Living accommodation only by advance booking.
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