A little tug at the rod

A little tug at the rod and the weight of the bait travels up to your fingers. A pit in the stomach. Is it going to bite? And suddenly you get a bite, the char you’ve been waiting for. When the struggle is over and the fish lies shining and quivering on the ice, you feel a surge of happiness.

Our crystal clear lakes and rivers are teeming with noble fish, such as char, salmon trout and grayling. We will show you our finest fishing waters in the forests and mountains to help you find your own fishing paradise to explore with an ice fishing auger and ice fishing rod.

In summer spin and fly fishing takes over in our still waters and fast flowing rivers, but you can have a lot of luck with a simple fishing rod and go home with fantastic memories.

Fishing camps, organizers of fishing etc


We are happy to help you book your fishing trip at Krokom Tourist Office. To find out more contact the Tourist Office >>

The Fiskevägen Fishing Route
runs from Krokom to Namsos in Norway – or the other way round, if you prefer. Read more about fishing and everything else there is to see and do along the way
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Camp Dannevall

Aspås / Krokom / Långan, offerdal
Fishing / Hunting / Dog sledding / Flats
A camp that runs hunting, sleighdog tours, riding tours etc.etc. Business companys can both live and have different kinds of activities here. Wood heated outdoor bath. Living in luxorious flats with shower/WC, kitchen, soapstone heater and cable TV. Total 12 beds.
  • 2017-01-01 – 2019-12-31   only on order.

Fishing administration area, Bakvattnet

The lake Bakvattnet lies embedded in beautiful hilly surroundings with the Ansätten och Örnrun. You can fish both char and salmon trout. Catching salmon trout around a kilo or more is unusual. Fishing from boat and when the lake is frozen especially at Bakvattnet. The best fishing is when the lake has just frozen (nov) and during the summer and autumn. Fishing licence could be purchased at Magnussons Fjällanläggningar (Magnussons hillside resort).
  • 2017-01-01 – 2019-12-31  

Fishing administration area, Föllinge-Kyrkslätt

Within this area there is a big variation of fishing everything between rivulet, läke fishing and fishing in running water. You can even fish with something that is called put-and-take salmon fishing. Regnbåge. A part of Hårkans water system is included in this area, there the Lövsjöströmmen is well known, and even the lower part of Hotagsströmmen. Every year there are quite a lot of grayling over a kilo that are caught in the Lövsjöströmmen. Salmon trout around a kilo are quite common and if luck strikes you could catch a salmon trout around 2-5 kilos. In the areas ponds and lakes you even have a lot of pike sometimes weighing up to 10 kilos. From midsummer right up to november there's very good grayling and salmon trout fishing ( for only grayling fishing from 1 september) in running water. Best ice fishing on the lake is spring fishing. Pike fishing mainly on spring ice. Fishing licence could be purchased at Krokoms Tourist bureau, OK/Q8 gas station at Föllinge and Staffréns Kiosk.
  • 2018-01-01 – 2020-12-31   Fishing for salmon trout is prohibited in running water.

Fishing administration area, Granboforsen

Indalsälven, Aspåsnäset
The fishing administration area at the river Indalsälven with downstream running water from Kattstrupen aprox 3-4 km. Then you have fishing of a more lake level right up to the power station at Litsnäset. After that you have running water down to the area boundary. The area is easily accessible with many ways down to the water and they also have a very good parking lot even for caravans. There are paths all along the waterside. You also have small cabins (roof with three walls) called a Vindskydd and they are found at all the best fishing spots. General rules regarding sport fishing: minimum 35 cm. Fishing with handredskap either from land or rented boat which you rent from people in charge. Fishing prohibited in all inflows throughout the whole year. Fishing prohibited with leadsink. Fishing licence is available at Krokoms Turistbyrå.
  • 2017-01-01 – 2019-12-31   Fishing for salmon trout is totally forbidden

Fishing administration area, Gunnarvattnet

This area offers you lake fishing in Gunnarvattnet and Rörsjön, fishing in running water in Gunnarvatts stream and fishing in small lakes at Hotagsfjällen. General common rules regarding sport fishing The minimum size at the lakes Gunnarvattnet, Rörsjön och Gunnarvattsån are 30 cm. In the surrounding waters 20 cm. Fishing is prohibited in swiftly flowing water between Gunnarvattnet och Rörsjön. Fishing is prohibited at Storbäcken och Hembäcken. Fishing licence could be bought at Valsjöbyns Fishing center and Valsjöbyns fishing camp.
  • 2017-01-01 – 2019-12-31  

Fishing administration area, Hissmofors

Indalsälven, Hissmofors
The river stretch at the Indals river from the outlet of the big lake called Storsjön and 3,5 km downstream.Fishing is concentrated mainly on grayling and salmon trout. All forms of fishing are allowed. It is forbidden to fish with worm-and ledweights in running water. Minimun size for salmon fish is 35 cm. Springtime is the best fishing period at Kattstrupemagasinet. You can buy your fishing licence at the Krokoms Tourist bureau.
  • 2018-01-01 – 2020-12-31   Summerfishing

Fishing administration area, Åkersjön

Boating / Fishing
Åkersjön offers you char and salmon trout fishing both summer and winter, fish around 1 kilo and bigger are not that unusual. Summer fishing with nearly a mile long salmon trout fishing at Åkeråns running water. Would like to recommend fishing for salmon trout on the first ice and during very early spring. You could even rent a boat. You can buy your fishing licence at Krokoms Turistbyrå, Brännagården and Ansättens Fjällservice.
  • 2017-01-01 – 2019-12-31   Summer fishing.

Fishing at Rörvass valley , Rörvattnets Fjallhotell

Here at the Rörvass valley, you can choose between eleven lakes, around thirty ponds, a large amount of streams and rivers - in all of these there is a rich amount of Char and salmon trout. At these places there is no such thing as to when there is bad or good fishing. There is an adventure to experience both summer and winter. Besides winters popular ice fishing you have the summer long rod fishing a very appreciated alternative, together with drag fishing and wobblers. Grubbdals stream with its stair rapids is the perfect alternative for you who wants to try fly fishing and rod with small spinners. More streams with Salmon trout, Lavaret and Grayling could be found within 50 km radius. There are guides that you could book in advance. You could of course buy your fishing licence through us as well as rent a boat. Should you be in need of any sort of equipment we will help you to get it. If you want to experience even more fishing you could carry on the so called "Fishing road". Rörvattnet takes up half of the 310 km long fishing stretch from Krokoms center right up to Namsos on the Norwegian coast. Talk to us and we will help to arrange a complete fishing adventure. Why not begin at Rörvattnet with Char fishing and then let your journey carry on across the lowland lakes, the mountains and then the Salmon rivers and at last down to the sea.
  • 2017-01-01 – 2019-12-31   When fishing is allowed.

Fishing in Landösjön

Landösjön, Landön
Boating / Fishing
Landösjön has during the past few years become very popular for char fishinwater thanks to the availability. You even have a chance to beat your own personal record in char fishing. Fishing is run mostly during the winter but summer fishing is just as interesting. Besides char you even have salmon trout, lavaret and canadachar. Minimum size is 35 cm and you can catch a maximum amount of 10. During summer you can rent a boat.
  • 2017-01-01 – 2019-12-31   fishing allowed

Hunting in Almdalen

In Almdalen you can hunt Grouse, Capecaillie, Black Grouse, and even wild rabbit (hare) within Hotagens game reserve. Almdalens hillside homestead has 38 beds in different cabins and all this lies in the middle of hunting grounds which actually make it possible to start as soon as you walk out of your cabin. This is a great opportunity if you want to take your whole family hunting. Almdalens hillside homestead has a policy of not taking more guests than the hunting grounds kan manage. You must have a hunting licence and that could bought at the Almdalens Fjällgård. You can even hire a guide for Moose and Grouse hunting but you should be at least 2-8 persons. Moose hunting is conducted in an area of about 7 000 hecters of property.
  • 2017-01-01 – 2019-12-31  

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